Interview with Daynin Gordon

Let our readers know more about you. Where you born? Where you live?

I was born in Oakland CA where I spent all of my child hood. I moved to San francisco for college in 2005 and have lived here since.

When you start to skate? Why?

I started skateboarding when I was in middle school; My sister was into punck rock and at that time that was who skated. I remember the spark that really got me into it was her friend alex. He ollied over this palm tree that had fallen into the street and it blew my mind after that, I was a skater.

What about your recent trip to Europe? How the idea started? And Why?

My parents have always tought me that without an education the world would be a much bigger challenge then it should be. So when I started high school I think it was my dad who told me that when I graduate from College they would get my a gift of my chose. I always wanted to get a car, but I always wanted to see other parts of the world.

I had plenty of time to think about it and when I finally graduated in 2010 I decided not to leave right away and focused on finding a job here in SF. After finding a job and starting my skateboarding program I thought it was time to get out and see the world and so I did.

Seeing something different always helps you have a better understanding of self as well as what is possible going to Euro helped me open my mind up.

You’ve skated all these places? With who? Tell us more about your experience.

The experience was great; When every you are out of your element and what you do on the day to day, you learn to appreciate everything.

During your stay in Spain,you have skated Barcelona, Castellon and Benicassim. What You highlight about these places?

The are all amazing. Spots in Spain blow out spots in America. The ground is smooth and the ledges grind like butter. For me they are all great, hard to say what spot was better. Everyone knows that BCN has epic spots for the Vids so that was great to see but Castellon and Benicassim have spots that Americans dont know about that’s always the best.

Who has been your guide during your stay?

The homie Emilio Martinez, who I met when he was skateboarding in SF some years back

Let’s go back to san francisco. Tell us about the project Shred N Butter. What is it?

Shred N Butter is a skateboarding program That I created for the City of San Fransisco recreation department.

What is its purpose?

The purpose is to keep kids skateboarding, expose them to skateboarding in a fun and safe environment.

You get help from someone else? Who are involved?

Not really. I have support from the skate scene and the industry like FTC SF, DLX, 510 skateshop,Organica skateboards and pros like Karl Watson, Walker Ryan. They help support the program with product and quest apperiances during summer camps, but I created the platform and got it up and runner running.

The SFRPD is the financial backer ; They pay for all the bills ( Staffing, Ramps, Locations, Etc).

Thank you D for your time, but we have to finish this interview. You would like to greet or thank someone? You will be back to Europe?

Thanks for your questions! I would like to thank all the homies in Spain Emilio, Pegatas and everyone who showed me love during my trip. I will be back in Eureo again for sure, but not sure when.

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